Global Neighbors is helping the marginalized community along the Thai Myanmar Border. Each year we bring teams to work on various projects to give exposure to our teams from the West as well as to show the local people that we care by working alongside them. Our projects vary in size and scope from building simple structures to large schools. We employ local workers and purchase our materials from local shops whenever possible. It is our intention to empower local towns and villages with jobs and economic well being.

We have a warehouse and office in the small town of Mae Pa, not far from Mae Sot. This is where we spend time with the teams sorting and loading supplies that we deliver to impoverished families, schools and Medical Clinics in the area. All of our supplies are donated by our partners at Compassionate Resource Warehouse in Victoria, British Columbia.

We work with various other partner organizations to accomplish our goal of helping improve the lives of people in this part of the world.


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Year End Message

2014 Completed Projects (click on images to view)

Daw Naw High School, Burma
Daw Naw High School, Burma
Daw Naw High School Grand Opening
New homes for single moms, Burma
New orphanage children, Burma
New homes for single moms, Burma
New orphanage Burma
New computer lab at Daw Naw High School
Computers on their way to Burma
Computers arriving in Burma

Visits into Myanmar (Burma)

Mae Sot, Thailand